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Dietitians have develop the care pathway: "Nutrition and recovery after COVID-19"

Now that the first COVID-19 patients are starting to be discharged from hospital wards, these patients are being directed towards our first-line dietitians to begin their recovery phase post- hospitalization.

These people are greatly weakened and good nutrition is essential for recovery! The Dutch general practitioners association advised that all patients who come out of the hospital, after COVID, must see or speak to a physiotherapist and the dietitian in the first week.

Dietheek's dietitians are ready and trained to guide these people at home with tailor-made nutritional advice in collaboration with, among others, the physiotherapists.

Together with other dietitians and nutrition scientists, they have developed the care pathway: "Nutrition and recovery after COVID-19".

For more information and / or referral to a dietitian from Diëtheek, there is a central Dietheek COVID-19 hotline at tel: 088-425-3600 or visit

Diëtheek is an organization with 90 dietitians working in primary care in the Netherlands.

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