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PatientView has launched #PAGC19

Given the levels of potential misinformation on Covid-19, PatientView has launched #PAGC19 [Patient Advocacy Group Covid-19], to gather authoritative and trustworthy patient-group news on Covid-19 under one banner.

PatientView has invited patient groups worldwide to include #PAGC19 in their Twitter releases on Covid-19. These groups supply specialised support tailored to patients with different medical conditions. The patient-group Covid-19 news and support is collated at the following website:

Key features of the #PAGC19 website: 

·  This website acts as a quick and easy means of allowing the public, patients, and carers to find tailored and trustworthy support on Covid-19 to suit their needs. The information is supplied only by patient groups. Visitors to the site can click on any of the disease hashtags provided by the patient groups.

·  All contributing patient groups are readily identifiable to the viewer as the source of the information they are providing. 

·  The website also contains Covid-19-related videos released by patient groups, showing medical experts providing advice to specific patients.

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