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ECPC launches COVID-19 webhub

The European Cancer Patient Coalition have launched a COVID-19 web hub to provide important information on the unfolding pandemic.

Coronavirus has spread around the planet, sending billions of people into lockdown as health services struggle to cope. As this disease can endanger cancer patients directly or indirectly, ECPC is committed to provide its members and the larger cancer community with the most current information to ensure the cancer patients are safe and protected during the pandemic.

  • Urgent Requests for Support from ECPC Members - We understand this is a difficult time for many of our patient organisations as medical supplies and resources are low. This section will highlight any donation requests from ECPC members and we will offer our support by increasing awareness of any struggle they may have at this time. Use the link below to contact us with any urgent requests.
  • Opportunities for funding - In this section, we will share any opportunities to apply for grants for patient organisations amid the COVID-19 challenge. Now more than ever, we need the voice of patients to guide decision-making around the COVID-19 crisis, and continue to gather attention for other disease areas.
  • Our Members Responses - Here we will publish any responses that our member organisations have on the ongoing crisis. If you would like your organisations' response to COVID-19 published on this page, please contact
  • Resources - A comprehensive list of factual and relevant information from patient and health organisations. 

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