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European Geriatrics Medicine Society (EuGMS) overview of information

Please find an overview of latest information on COVID-19 on the EuGMS website:


Country of origin: FRANCE

Measures for safety and protection of Care Homes against COVID-19

Recommendations proposed by three Professors of Geriatric Medicine in France

Hubert Blain (Montpellier), Yves Rolland (Toulouse), Athanase Benetos (Nancy)

Tuesday March 31st


Country of origin: PORTUGAL

Question: Many things are being written about prescription of Hydroxicloroquine in prevention and treatment of COVID-19 Can we start giving Hydroxicloroquine to our oldest and symptomatic patients. EuGMS has already advice about that?

Answer from EuGMS Task Force on COVID-19: From the medical/scientific point of view we have to be skeptical and seek for more data from controlled clinical studies. On the other side there is an increasing pressure because of the present situation pushing people, physicians and governments to the use of this molecule without solid evidence. We don't use Hydroxycloroquine so far but we hope to have the authorization to test it very soon in a clinical trial we initiate with several other French groups for treating older COVID-19 + patients . May be in the next days we will have some more data allowing us to make a decision.

Friday March 27th


Country of origin: UK

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE - Critical care guidance including frailty

Thursday March 26th


Country of origin: BELGIUM

COVID-19, diagnostic, PEC et spécificités SA [FRENCH TEXT]

Thursday March 26th


Country of origin: UK

BGS guidelines on management of COVID-19 pandemic in care homes

Wednesday March 25th


Country of origin: SPAIN

COVID-19 - Recommendations for nursing homes and social health centres

Tuesday March 24th


Country of origin: NORWAY

Norwegian Geriatrics Society - Recommendations and priorities from the Norwegian geriatrics society to the Norwegian health directorate in connection with the COVID-19 pandemia

Tuesday March 24th


Country of origin: Various countries

International Evidence Summary on Clinical Management of COVID-19

Monday March 23rd


Country of origin: FRANCE - VIETNAM

Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin as a treatment of COVID-19: results of an openlabel non-randomized clinical trial

Monday March 23rd


Country of origin: CHINA

BioScience: Letter on the use of Chloroquine phosphate

Monday March 23rd


Country of origin: UK

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence - NICE - COVID-19 rapid guideline: critical care

Monday March 23rd


Country of origin: UK

Monday March 23rd


Country of origin: BELGIUM

Ethical principles concerning proportionality of critical care during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic in Belgium: advice by the Belgian Society of Intensive care medicine

Read/Download here          


Country of origin: CANADA

Discussions about COVID-19 and Frailty from CFN - Canadian Frailty Network – Explanatory Webinars:


Country of origin: FRANCE - UK

Question: An increasing number of patients have diarrhoea as a first sign of COVID-19. The opinion of the experts is that if there is no evidence of another cause of diarrhoea, patients with this symptom should be managed as suspected COVID-19 cases. How was the diagnosis in these patients with diarrhoea made: from stool sample PCR or in the usual way with throat swabs etc?

Answer from EuGMS Task Force on COVID-19: in the usual way with throat swabs.

Wednesday, March 18th


Country of origin: PORTUGAL

Question: Do you think we can start giving chloroquine to the high-risk elderly population (dwelling elderly population)?

Does EuGMS have any guidelines on this?

I read that the National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China intends to publish guidelines suggesting administering chloroquine to prevent Covid19 infection.

Answer from EuGMS Task Force on COVID-19: There are ongoing clinical studies in order to verify the possible benefits of this treatment. For the moment, the Chinese studies do not offer some relatively solid evidence so my answer to your question is negative. I hope we will soon have some first solid results from the clinical studies in order to propose some efficient treatments.

Monday, March 16th


Country of origin: TURKEY

Question: Hi, l am a director of care home in Turkey/Izmir. We have not patient with corono vit19. But we have been put new rules about hygienic. No acceptance of visitors out of our institution Our nurses reminded the washing hands frequently to our workers and our older people

Answer from EuGMS Task Force on COVID-19: These are safe solutions, but we need to consider also that isolating these patients from their families and friends


Country of origin: SERBIA

Question: Creating a EUGMS document was really a good move regarding the recent facts about the COVID 19 virus. In the recent past years, I was interested in, I will say "grey area in geriatrics". The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. Based also on the messages about the percentages of contamination or infection in the youngest and oldest, I have a question. Everyday life will not erase the contacts between grandparents and grandchildren. The population that is often asymptomatic in contact with high-risk populations. Is there any advice about it?

Answer from EuGMS Task Force on COVID-19: In the present expanding stage of the epidemic we have to avoid the contact between grandchildren (major vector of the disease because asymptomatic) and grandparents. Unfortunately, in families in which both parents work, grandparents play an important role especially when schools are closed as it is the case now in many countries but as far as possible this contact must be avoided.

Friday, March 13th

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